Important Websites for Students & Parents
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Websites for Students: 
The following websites will be important and extremely helpful for students to use when researching animals for their animal reports.
National Geographic Kids
National Geographic
Live Science
Animal Fact Guide

Other fun websites to keep in mind:
Free Rice
-- Allows students to review different subjects (vocabulary, math skills, etc.) For every correct question answered, you will earn 10 grains of rice. All grains will be donated to countries to help end world hunger. You do not need to create an account unless you want to keep track of the points (or grains of rice) you've earned.

-- Educational games for all grade levels K-5. 


-- Educational games for grade levels 1-6.

-- Fun educational and interactive computer games and books for language arts, math, science, social studies and Spanish. 

-- Educational games that help with reading skills.

Spelling City
-- This website can provide students with activities related to spelling, vocabulary or other topics related to language arts for grade levels K-12.


-- Fun online games

-- Kids can learn to play the number game of Sudoku.   It is a very popular game.  Students have to put the numbers 1-9 in each 3x3 box, in addition to only having 1-9 in each column and row. This website helps kids by highlighting the number in blue if it is incorrect. 

Fact Monster
-- This website will provide facts for almost anything and everything!

Word Hippo
-- This website acts like an "all-in-one" dictionary. Users may use this website to look up (or define) words, synonyms of words, rhyming, translating or listening to the pronunciation of words.

-- This website acts like a "word cloud" where you can type in various words to create a stunning visual of all the words combined. This would be an excellent way to present character traits (or characteristics) about each student for the end of the year.

-- I've set up a classroom account so that all students can log in with the same email and password so they can continue to "zumba" at home on the weekends or after school. If you do not have the username or password, please email me at and I will definitely send you the information. It's a great website where students can dance to music. It is addicting. My students like to zumba between subjects throughout the day.

Websites for Parents:

Remind 101
-- I'll be using this website as a way to communicate with parents. You'll need a class code (which I will give out at open house). You will be able to receive messages from the teacher as well as important updates or reminders.

AR Book Finder
-- This website will allow you to "look up" books in order to find the (1) Book Quiz number, (2) Book Level and (3) AR Points

ISAT 2.0
-- Mrs. Hardin and Mrs. Padilla have given out this link for parents and students. Here you are able to take a practice test or look at some of the resources available. ISAT 2.0 testing will be sometime in the spring in the month of April.

-- Educreations can be accessed by logging in online or through downloading the Educreations app at the itunes store for ipads.  I will continue to post some math lessons to help parents and students throughout the year. In order to have access to the videos, your child will be given a class code placed in their student planner. In order to join my class, your child will need to create his/her own student username and password. I DO NOT need to know their login information. This site will be helpful if your child has missed school. He or she can log on and watch the lesson online.

Ordering Scholastic Books Online
-- This will take you to the main page for ordering books online. Your child's class code is on the back of the front cover of their student planner.