Ms. Beard's Class - 4th Grade

Welcome to the 4th grade!

I hope you're just as excited for the new school year as I am. There are lots of reasonswhy fourth graders are the 
BEST students!

Crosswalk Duty:
Students in my class will receive an opportunity to help Mr. Robertson with after school crosswalk duty. Students who sign up for crosswalk duty must first receive safety training from Mr. Robertson.  He will have a safety training class (during school hours) at the end of August before crosswalk begins.  If for some reason you miss the training day in August, students are required to receive training on a different day before beginning crosswalk duty. Crosswalk duty is not required, but it's very popular and most kids jump at the chance to be involved! Crosswalk duty months for my class are October, December, February and April. A crosswalk duty schedule will be sent out every month. If you are unable to do crosswalk on your assigned day, please let me know as soon as possible. It is also helpful to know if there are any consistent days your child is unable to do crosswalk duty (for example: God's Gang on Wednesdays).  If your child rides the bus home, don't be worried! The bus will swing around the elementary school at 3:00 to pick up crosswalk duty students.

Lunch Servers: 
Students will also be able to help the kitchen staff serve lunch.  Students will serve lunch on the days that I have PM recess duty.  As a way of saying "thanks", students who serve lunch will receive a free hot lunch and juice from Mr. Moore. 

Panther of Honor:
Mrs. Evans has worked very hard to get this amazing program up and running. Fourth graders who meet specific requirements (for example: attendance, positive attitude, etc.) will be recognized as Panther of Honor student.  These students will be given the opportunity to decorate their own Panther of Honor t-shirts, celebrate with Mrs. Evans at lunch or attend movies in her classroom. In addition, they will receive special privileges throughout the year (for example: sit at a different table at lunch and no homework passes). Those who are selected as a Panther of Honor should feel incredibly special! Mrs. Evans will ask students to wear their Panther of Honor t-shirts on specific days throughout the year. Students get to help Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Hardin at school assemblies. If you were given the Citizen Award in the third grade, you are eligible to be a Panther of Honor!

AG Day:
All fourth graders will spend a day outside learning about different forms of safety (for example: bike, tractor, water, medical, fire, animal safety, etc.) at the University of Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station in Parma, Idaho with Parma High School's FFA students. Each student will receive a free AG Day T-shirt and backpack. The weather is typically cool in the morning and warmer in the afternoon. Please make sure your child wears appropriate clothing for rain or shine

Bowling with Mr. Moore:
Yep! The fourth graders will get to take a special field trip with their teachers and Mr. Moore to go bowling at Owyhee Lanes in Homedale. Students will get to bowl and then later watch the fourth grade teachers and Mr. Moore compete against each other in their own bowling tournament.

Bread in a Bag:
All fourth graders will get to experience making their own loaf of bread ... IN A BAG in the spring! Students love shaking and kneading their own bag of dough, but they LOVE to eat their loaf at the end of the day even more! If you are interested in volunteering with this activity, please let me know! Parents are always welcome

Gold Panning:
Students will get to participate in this fun activity in the spring. Each student will be given the opportunity to learn how to pan for gold! They are able to keep any gold they find! How exciting!! 

Baker City Field Trip:
This all day field trip typically happens in early May. All three fourth grade classes will travel to Baker City, Oregon to explore the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. Fourth graders will get to do two activities throughout the day. Each activity takes about an hour and a half. The first is to explore the museum and complete their fourth quarter Idaho History final. Students will be given a scavenger hunt packet they must complete and return to their teacher as a part of their final quarter grade.  The second activity is taking a hike! Since this is an all day field trip, parents are more than welcome to attend! Please let me know if you are interested in chaperoning.  Your child will be given more information on Baker City in April. Please return the transportation section to school. 

Writing, Science & History Rotation:
All three classes will have an additional "PM rotation" in the afternoon.  Mrs. Krohn teaches science, Mr. Robertson teaches writing and I will teach Idaho History. Classes will rotate on a weekly basis and will receive a week's worth of lessons from all three teachers every month.  Fourth grade teachers see this opportunity as way to prepare students for fifth grade.  Students will be required to bring a composition notebook to each class. Idaho History and Science will also require students to bring their textbooks as well. 

Idaho Map Contest: For the third quarter in Idaho History, students will work on their Idaho History Map.  Students will be asked to label each of the county names inside each of the appropriate county boundaries, color their map, and write some facts from previous chapters around their map. Students will also be graded on their capitalization, punctuation and if they are able to create complete sentences. This activity will take at least one to two separate rotations of to complete. Students may be given the choice to take their map home to complete if not finished in class. The maps will be graded by myself, but Superintendent Norton will ultimately pick the top 3-4 maps from each of the three classes. The winners of the Idaho History Map contest will get their map displayed on my bulletin board in addition to having a pizza party with myself at lunch.  Here are the maps winners from the 2014-2015 school year!