Donna Evans - Counselor

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Evans


 Mrs. Evans, School Counselor

Dear Parents/Guardians:


As your child’s school counselor I may visit with your child during the school year.  When I put on my counselor’s “hat”, I give up the role of “disciplinarian”.  Did you know that elementary counselors…


  • Teach classroom guidance lessons on a variety of topics?  You are your child’s first teacher and your words and actions have tremendous impact.  Since we know that good character is taught, not naturally acquired I teach the following character pillars during the school year:
    1. Responsibility
    2. Respect
    3. Fairness
    4. Trustworthiness
    5. Caring
    6. Citizenship
  • Counsel individual students as needed and maintain confidentiality?
  • Counsel with small groups of children with similar concerns?
  • Consult with teachers and assist them in meeting individual student needs?
  • Coordinate referrals to the assistance team?
  • Provide parents and grandparents with community resource information?
  • Coordinate the student and teacher mentor programs?
  • Monitor in the lunchroom?


Guidance services are available to all children enrolled at MJE.  Please feel free to contact me if you have concerns or questions.


Donna Evans

MJE Counselor
208-722-5115 Ext. 1217