Mrs. Padilla
Elementary Librarian/Computer Lab

Listed below are some fun and useful website links to help your child with their learning. 


3rd & 4th grade Epic! classes-  epic! students click here 

Get it free during class & after hours.

In addition to being free during school, students can get 2 free hours of reading per week after hours with Epic Free

  Mrs. Buckley's class code- pda8432
  Mrs. Cuevas' class code- zaz2967
  Mrs. Miller's class code- vjb5507
  Mrs. Felix's class code- aen3265
  Mrs. Krohn's class code-ryk7954
  Mrs. Stimpson's class code- bha4902

2nd Grade Epic Students- 2nd Grade Epic Students click here
  Mrs. Blanscet's class code- vpl6138
  Mrs. Isham's class code- hyd0912
  Mrs. Leavitt's class code- kxa5758
  Mrs. Murdock's class code- byp1218

K-4th grade- Think Central

K-4th grade- Savvas Math

K-4th grade- Imagine Learning
School Code- 1602550

K-4th grade- MyOn Reader

               Please sign in with username- readnow and use the password myon

K-4th grade- Adobe Digital Books

K-6th grade-Reading IQ


3rd-4th grade Freckle Math

2nd-4th grade- Chess- Math is Fun

2nd & 4th grade- 
Khan Academy
(Free online video lessons in math)

1st-2nd grade- Free Rice

K-4th grade- Moby Max

K-3 Fact Fluency Website for Parents-
This simple website-created by the Boise State RMC - provides math fact fluency information to support parents working with students at home.  It provides basic information related to fact fluency expectations at each grade level along with associated games and printable materials.
Math Facts help for Parents


K-4th grade- GoNoodle
(get in a little fun excerise with this website)

K-4th grade- Cosmic Kids Yoga
(Stay active as you practice yoga together)


3rd-8th grade- 

Adventure Academy

K- 4th grade- Virtual Tours of Museums & Zoos

K-4th grade- Wonderopolis
 (each day this site shares a new wonder, submitted by kids, and the answer, in an article with a video)

K-4th grade- Explore webcam
(Observe animals live on webcams from around the world)

K-4th grade- Design Squad Global
(Watch PBS Design Squad videos, to learn about science and engineering challenges)

K-4th grade- Mystery Doug
(Video science lessons and activities)

K- 4th grade- National Geographic Kids
(Games, articles, and videos about animals and nature)


K-4th grade- PBSKids Games

2nd-4th grade- Fun Brain

3rd & 4th gradeDance Mat Typing

Cool Math Games

Math Facts Game



Guinness World Records







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