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Teachers are looking forward to Parent/Teacher Conferences on March 22 and 23 which are also early dismissal days so students will be released at 1:00.  Keep in mind there is no kindergarten class March 22 or 23.  There is no school for anyone March 24.  Happy Spring Break!  We appreciate your participation and the opportunity to learn and share about your children.  Conference notes regarding the date and times of conferences will be sent home March 14, so be sure to watch for those because we like to have confirmation or make changes as needed to accommodate schedules as much as possible.

​Kindergarten Kickoff

Our Kindergarten Kickoff is scheduled for Friday, April 14.  Please help us spread the word.  We are excited to meet all of our incoming kindergarten students and their parents.  More information will be published, but check-in will begin at 8:00 am and the last activity will be a bus ride for students.  There will be no kindergarten for our students this year on that day, since their rooms and teachers are busy with Kindergarten Kickoff.


STEMBUS Summer Camps

If your child loved the StemBus when they came to Parma then here is a link for their summer camps.  What a great summer experience.



Kindergarten Hours Change

As a result of being out of school for the snow days, kindergarten students would not meet the required 450 instructional hours for the school year without some adjustment in the schedule.  We have decided to add 5 minutes into the schedule for each kindergarten class.  The majority of kindergarten students get to school on the bus, and you will not see any change.  For students who walk or ride to school in a car, it is important for you to note the following changes.

AM Kindergarten hours will now be from 7:55-11:00 am.

PM Kindergarten hours will now be from 11:40-2:45 pm.

We have added 5 minutes to the beginning of each day for the classes.  The additional time will make up enough time and provided a cushion should we have any more snow days.

Thank you,

Diane Hardin

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Please click on the link below to watch a fun video on the excitement of STEM at MJE. 
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